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Pro Mini 328 Mini 3.3V/8M ATMEGA328 ATMEGA328P-AU 3.3V/8MHz for Arduino

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This is the professional version of the Mini Pro is a microcontroller board, has its good burn Boot loader, without the user having to buy ISP burner were burning, easy to use. It has 14 digital input / output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 8 analog inputs (increase A6 A7 with two analog input ports than the regular version), an 8MHz resonator, a reset button, the installation hole pin head.

Technical parameters:

  • 14 digital input / output port RX, TX, D2 ~ D13,
  • 8 analog inputs A0 ~ A7
  • 1 pairs TTL level serial port transceiver RX / TX
  • 6 PWM ports, D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11
  • Microcontroller using Atmel Atmega328P-AU
  • Support serial download
  • Support for external 3.5V ~ 12V DC power supply (using RAW and GND power port)
  • Support 9V battery
  • 8MHz clock frequency
  • Dimensions: 33.3 * 18.0 (mm)