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MEGA Proto Prototype Shield V3.0+170pts Breadboard

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The Prototyping Shield makes it easy for you to design custom circuits. You can solder components to create the prototyping area your project, or use it with a small breadboard (not included) to quickly test circuit ideas without solder. got extra connections for all I / O pins, and it has space to mount through-hole and surface mount integrated circuits. a convenient way to make your custom circuit and a module.

The maximum length and width of the Proto Shield PCB are 2.7 and 2.1 inches respectively. three screw holes allow the shield to be attached to a surface or case. note that the distance between digital pins 7 and 8 is 160 mil (12:16 "), not an even multiple of the 100 mil distance from the other pins.

1.0 pinout
1 Reset button
1 ICSP connector
14 pin SMD footprint (50 mil pitch)
Through 20 pin footprint (100 mil pitch)
1: (de een met de smal pointer teken) MISO aangesloten D12
2: + 5 V
3: SCK aangesloten D13
4: MOSI aangesloten D11
5: SS aangesloten D10
6: GND