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Yahboom Interactive A.I. Robot for Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+

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raspberry pi robot camera

This Pi-motion AI camera is perfect for both artificial intelligence beginners and Raspberry Pi fans. It is based on the Raspberry Pi board, equipped with a profession multi-function expansion board, high-quality metal servo, and a beautiful and wear-resistant aluminum alloy shape. For this product, we use Python programming language and OpenCV face recognition visual library to realize color tracking, voice broadcast, face recognition, mailbox alarm, QR code recognition, photo storage, whistle and other functions.

It supports Android/Apple mobile APP control, we also provide PC control software, which can control Pi-motion by the PC. In addition, it also supports two kinds of distribution methods: network cable insertion and wifi wireless control. We also provide more than 20 detailed courses and some control programs for reference.


  • Based on OpenCV,  AI Pi-motion camera platform is equipped with hardware control, voice technology, visual recognition processing and network programming. We have rich example tutorials to teach you how to build Raspberry Pi machine vision programming environment and help you develop AI in a short time.
  • Pi-motion Raspberry Pi AI visual platform support Android/ISO mobile control. It can finish many functions such as face recognition, color tracking, voice broadcast, facial expression recognition and so on.
  • The Pi-motion Visual platform is equipped with an AI expansion board designed for the Raspberry Pi. It can be directly inserted into the Raspberry Pi without cumbersome wiring, and can also externally connect speakers, motors, servos and other parts.
  • The Pi-motion vision platform needs to be equipped with a network for the first time. There are two ways to distribute the network: one is to plug directly into the network cable, no configuration is needed; the other is wireless control via WIFI, following the instructions for simple distribution network.
  • The Pi-motion visual platform is entirely made of aluminum alloy. The surface of the aluminum alloy is oxidized and blasted. In addition to the aluminum alloy, it is equipped with two metal digital steering gears, HD wide-angle camera, Raspberry Pi AI expansion board. and other external parts


1.When you decide to buy this professional a.i. artificial intelligence robot, please prepare following accessories by yourself, otherwise, you can't run the robot normally. Raspberry PI 3B+*1, Heat sink*2, TF Card *1.

2.Other versions of RPIs may suffer from Karton and slow loading. Yahboom recommends Raspberry Pi 3B+

3.Yahboom recommends that people with raspberry PI learning experience order this AI vision robot Suite

Color recognition

Voice broadcast

QR code recognition

Face Detection

Package list

  • Expansion board x1
  • Aluminum alloy component x n
  • Metal servo x2
  • Power lithium battery + magic sticker x1
  • Camera + cable x1
  • Servo tiller x2
  • Speaker cable x1
  • Charger x1
  • Bearing x2
  • Speaker + magic sticker x1
  • Screwdriver x1
  • Screw package + copper column package xn
  • Instruction manual x1
  • Open end wrench x1

If you choose Pi-motion with Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, below are included.

  • Raspberry Pi board x1
  • Heatsink x1
  • 16G TF card x1