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NVIDIA Jetson Nano 5V 4A DC Power Adapter

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Since the micro USB interface of Jeston Nano only supports 2A current, when we use other devices with the Jeston Nano, such as fan, 7-inch display, camera and so on. They will not work properly due to the insufficient power supply. We launch this 5V 4A DC power adapter, which can provide more current and more stable voltage for the Jetson Nano. It can meet the needs of the Jeston Nano for most occasions, and drive the camera, display and other USB external devices, etc.

Note: When using a DC power supply, the user need to short the J48 with a jumper cap according to official Jetton Nano manual.

Test Condition
1.without USB device
2.No extra accessories
3.Ethernet limited connection 3.(10 GBDPS)
4.SSH Register

Test Result
1.No load: 0.533A@5.1V
2.CPU full load, GPU no load: 1.117@5.1V
3.GPU full load, CPU no load: 2.133A@5.0V
4.CPU, GPU full load: 3.017A@5.0V

Package list

  • 5V 4A DC Power Adapter X1
  • Jumper cap X5