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DOIT Bluetooth Control Smart Robot Tank Chassis with UNO R3 Board+Motor Drive Shield for Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance

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This Bluetooth Control Smart Robot Tank Chassis kit, is designed based on the Arduino uno board, together with 2-channel & 16-channel servo shield board to drive the tank chassis and 4WD car. In addition, it has 3 ultrasonic sensor module, 1 active buzzer module, 2 tracking module and 1 HC-06 Bluetooth module. the control distance is 50-100m.

You can control the car to track and avoid the obstacle of ahead, left and right directions via bluetooth control.

Provide source code, App and user manual. Ultrasonic bracket is random colors.

More details, please visit: to download the source code and the documents.

Shipping List

  • T300 tank chassis x1 (9V motor/12v motor)
  • Bluetooth Control kit for Tracking Obstacle Avoidance
  • 2-channel motor&16-channel servo shield board x1
  • Arduino UNO board x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • HC-06 Bluetooth module x1
  • Tracking module x2
  • Ultrasonic Distance Measuring sensor x3
  • Ultrasonic bracket x3 (The color is random.)
  • Active buzzer x1
  • Female to Female dupont line x40
  • Copper Pillars kit x1
  • battery box x1