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Yahboom programmable Spin:bit based on Micro:bit compatible with LEGO

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Spin:bit building block kit contains 265 blocks and a building block motor that can be built into the shape of a Ferris wheel. It supports Android/iOS mobile phone Bluetooth APP control. In addition to the standard shape Super:bit building block Ferris wheel, you can also build more interesting shapes with existing building blocks, such as building block gyroscope and building block fan. Equipped with a powerful Super:bit expansion board, with micro:bit as the core controller, can realize functions such as Colorful lights, Music, Fan rotation, Gyroscope, etc. by makecode Editor graphical programming.  





  • With micro:bit as the core controller, Graphical programming.
  • Equipped with a multi-function Super:bit expansion board.
  • Combine the building blocks and the circuit.
  • Support Android / iOS mobile phone APP control.
  • A large number of blocks can create a variety of shapes (Ferris wheel, Gyroscope, Fan).

Package list

Spin building block pack

Recommended reason: suitable for users who already have micro:bit and Super:bit expansion board

Building Blocks*265      

Building Block Motor*1

Spin building block pack+super:bit

Recommended reason: suitable for users who already have micro:bit

Building Blocks*265

Building Block Motor*1

Super:bit Expansion Board *1  

USB Cable *1

Lithium Battery *1

Spin:bit package (with micro:bit)

Recommended reason: complete configuration to use directly

Building Blocks*265

Building Block Motor*1 

Super:bit Expansion Board*1

USB Cable *1

Lithium Battery *1

BBC micro:bit  *1


Yahboom Spin:bit