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Yahboom Omniduino smart robot with Mecanum Wheel

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Omniduino is a mini omnidirectional robot car with ATmega328P chip as the processor, which can easily achieve 360 ° movement in any direction. 5 pairs of infrared obstacle avoidance sensors are distributed around and in front of it, so that it can identify obstacles in the blind zone, thereby achieving a comprehensive obstacle avoidance function. On-board MPU6050 gyroscope , which can automatically calibrates the movement direction of the car through an algorithm. An external WiFi camera PTZ supports iOS / Android mobile APP control and real-time video transmission. It also supports PS2 controller remote control, surround, translation, music light and other funny function. If your child, family or friends are interested in the electronic world and robots, this Omniduino kit will be a great choice and perfect gift for them to start the electronic journey.


  • High-quality Mecanumwheel, acrylic board and exclusive camera bracket, combined with exquisite structural design, create a unique shape on the market.
  • Abundant on-board resources: 5 pairs of infrared obstacle avoidance sensors, PCA9685 driver chip, passive buzzer, high-brightness RGB lights, MPU6050and so on.
  • It can realize a variety of games such as surround mode, obstacle avoidance mode,translationmode, play music, marquee, take picture and video, etc.
  • Two remote control methods: Android/iOS mobile APP remote control, PS2 controller remote control (option).
  • A robot kit designed for beginners and professionals to learn electronic technology, programming and robotics, programming, entertainment, innovation 3 in 1.




Package list

  • main control board x1 
  • Upper layer acrylic x1 
  • Under layer acrylic x1 
  • Camera Acrylic x5
  • Mecanum Wheel x4 
  • Motor x4
  • Motor support x4
  • Battery case x1 
  • 18650 lithium battery x2
  • Magic sticker x1 
  • WIFI camera x1 
  • Servo package x1 
  • 8.4V charger x1 
  • USB cable x1 
  • Copper column package x1 
  • Screw package x1 
  • Rivet package x1 
  • Screwdriver x1 
  • Packing box x1 
  • Motor Coupling x4 

If you choose Omniduino with PS2 handle, below are included.

1 x PS2 Handle


Yahboom Omniduino Smart Car