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NVIDIA Jetson Nano Board Metal Protective Case with Camera bracket

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This Jeston Nano metal case is mainly composed of an upper case, a lower case, a camera bracket and two self-recovery buttons. The overall use of black metal material, durable, dust-proof and beautiful. The front side of the case possess DC power supply, 2 display interfaces, 4 USB interfaces, Network cable and power button holes; the left side is equipped with a reset button installation hole; the right side is opened with a GPIO interface hole, One-to-one correspondence with Jetson Nano pins and clear silk screen markings. With the 40pin pin adapter board we provided, you can connect external devices. Two holes for the wireless network card antenna and a hole for TF card are reserved on the rear side, it also supports the installation of cooling fans.


  • The metal casesuitable for Jetson Nano development board is beautiful and durable.
  • Comes with reset button and power button for user convenience.
  • The side of the caseadopts a clever open design, which can easily connect with external equipment.
  • Contains a camera bracket to install a camera module.
  • Support the installation of cooling fans.



Package list

  • Metal case * 2
  • Camera fixing bracket * 2
  • Self-recovery button (with line) * 2
  • 40pin PIN adapter board * 1
  • Screw pack * 1
  • Screwdriver * 1
  • Open-end wrench * 1
  • Cooling fan * 1 (option)


 Jetson Nano Metal Case

Installation video