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Yahboom Photosensitive sensor module for micro:bit compatible with alligator clip

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This module integrates a photo-resistor, which is mainly used to detect the light intensity of the current environment. It can convert the optical signal into electrical signal to make some automatic switches, such as automatic lighting, light control fans and so on. It comes with 4 crocodile clip holes, you can directly use the alligator clip to connect with the micro:bit board or the alligator clip expansion board. Children can create some funny experiments through the simple and interesting MakeCode graphical programming. In addition, we have reserved 4 pin holes, the user can connect to the DuPont line after welding. And we will provide some reference materials and graphical programming software.


  • Converting the optical signal into theelectrical signal, the greater the illumination intensity, the smaller the analog value of the signal output.
  • Simple alligator clip connection.
  • 4pin holes are reserved for connection to the DuPont line.
  • Support MakeCodegraphical programming.
  • Some reference materialsand graphical programmingsoftware will be provided.


Package list

  • Photosensitive sensor module *1


Yahboom Photosensitive sensor module