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Keyestudio W5500 is based on the microcontroller of Arduino Ethernet.We have integrated USB download, TF card slot and more functions on it, fully compatible with UNO pins. You can quickly make your controller access to internet to build your network application. Onboard comes with W5500 network module,which can make Arduino as simple Web server or read Arduino digital and analog interface application via network control. It can achieve a simple Web server through using Ethernet libraries in IDE, meanwhile, support MicroSD card (TF card) read and write, really with powerful functions.

KS0304 W5500 ETHERNET  POE (5)KS0304 W5500 ETHERNET  POE (1)


  • 1.Main Chip:ATMEGA328 microcontroller
  • 2.USB power supply:5v
  • 3.external power:7-12v,(9v recommended)
  • input/output pins: 14(of which 6 pins support PWM)
  • 5.analog input pin:  6
  • 6.built-in flash memory:32K
  • 7.SRAM:  2k
  • 8.EEPROM:1K
  • 9.clock frequency:16MH
  • 10.TCP/IP Ethernet controller W5500,MicroSD card mount(TF card),MicroUSB

Related Introduction

About Chip:

  1. ATMEGA328P-AU
  2. Atmega16U2  

USB to serial chip

  1. AMS1117
  2. 5V and 3.3V stabilivolt chip
  3. W5500 network chip

About Interface:

  1. ICSP interface

Program firmware to ATMEGA328P-AU

  1. Digital interface D0-D13

Serial communication:D0(RX) and D1(TX)

External interruption:D2(interrupt 0), D3(interrupt 1)

PWM interface:D3,D5,D6,D9,D10 ,D11

SPI communication:D10(SS),D11(MOSI),D12(MISO),D13(SCK)

  1. ICSP interface

Program firmware to Atmega16U2

  1. USB port

For program download or serial debugging

  1. DC power connector

Access to 7V-12V voltage

  1. Power output port

Output 3.3V or 5V,for external power supply or common ground handle

  1. Analog interface A0-A5

IIC communication:A4(SDA) and A5(SCL) Also can be used as digital interface:A0(D14),A1(D15),A2(D16),A3(D17),A4(D18),A5(D19)

  1. Network connectorRJ-45 network port

About Component:

  • reset button
  • 16MHz crystal oscillator
  • 25MHz crystal oscillator