Are single arm bodyweight rows a good idea?

single arm bodyweight rows

single-arm bodyweight rows can be an effective and beneficial exercise, especially for beginner and intermediate fitness levels. Here's a quick overview on the benefits and considerations for single-arm rows:

Benefits of Single-Arm Bodyweight Rows:

  1. Unilateral Strength Development - Performing a row with one arm at a time helps to identify and address any strength imbalances between the left and right sides.

  2. Core Engagement - Maintaining a stable, braced core is crucial to performing single-arm rows properly, which helps strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

  3. Improved Grip Strength - Gripping the support surface with one hand challenges grip strength, an important component of overall upper body strength.

  4. Convenience & Accessibility - Bodyweight rows can be done at home with minimal equipment, making them a practical exercise option.


  1. Form - It's important to maintain proper body positioning and avoid excessive arching or sagging in the lower back.

  2. Load Management - Start with a supported row variation (e.g. using a bench) and progress to more challenging versions as your strength improves.

  3. Progression - Over time, you can increase difficulty by elevating your feet, using a suspension trainer, or adding weight (e.g. holding a dumbbell).

  4. Variations - Mixing in different single-arm row variations like bent-over, seated, and inverted rows can target the back muscles from different angles.

When done correctly, single-arm bodyweight rows are an excellent choice for building upper body pulling strength, improving posture, and promoting functional movement patterns. Listening to your body and progressing at an appropriate pace is key.

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