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Should you lean forward during shrugs?

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When performing shoulder shrugs, the ideal body position is to maintain an upright, neutral spine throughout the movement. Leaning forward during shrugs is generally not recommended, as it can compromise proper form and muscle engagement. Here's why you shouldn't lean forward during shrugs: Spinal AlignmentLeaning forward during the lift puts the spine in a compromised position, increasing strain on the lower back. Maintaining an upright, neutral spine alignment keeps the movement focused on the traps. MomentumLeaning forward creates momentum that can allow you to lift heavier weights, but this tends to shift the work away from the traps and onto...

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Can I do shrugs every day?

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It is generally not recommended to do shrugs every single day. While the trapezius muscles can handle a high training frequency compared to some other muscle groups, doing shrugs daily is likely overkill and could lead to overtraining. Here are a few key considerations around the frequency of shrug exercises: Muscle RecoveryThe traps, like any muscle group, require adequate rest and recovery between workouts to grow and get stronger. Doing shrugs daily doesn't allow enough time for the muscles to repair and rebuild. Central Nervous System FatigueHeavy compound exercises like shrugs place a significant demand on the central nervous system....

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