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These kettlebell deadlifts are one of the greatest compound exercises for the strengthening of glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and muscles of the lower as well as upper body. This exercise is also referred to as posterior chain exercise as it mostly works on muscles of the backline.

Are kettlebell deadlifts effective?

These kettlebell deadlifts are one of the greatest compound exercises for the strengthening of glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and muscles of the lower as well as upper body. This exercise is also referred to as posterior chain exercise as it mostly works on muscles of the backline.

How heavy should a kettlebell deadlift be?

Suggested weight: From 32 kg/70 lbs
The general rule of thumb is the more joints involved, the heavier the kettlebell weight you can use. The deadlift is a multi-joint move, so the average guy can probably handle 32 kg/70 lbs here to start, Brown says.

Will kettlebell swings burn belly fat?

A young woman is swinging a kettlebell. Kettlebell exercises are great for an intense full-body workout to build strength and muscle tone, burn calories and lose weight, including belly fat.

Are kettlebells better than free weights?
“If your goal is to burn fat, increase power endurance, and get strong, then kettlebells are a great tool.” While traditional weights are all about low reps and more weight, kettlebell-specific exercises are designed for higher, faster repetitions performed for a minute or more.

How To Do a Kettlebell Deadlift | The Right Way | Well+Good

hey guys i'm roxy jones and this is the right way with well and good today i'm going to be showing you the right way to do a deadlift, but first let me show you the wrong way there are many ways to do a deadlift incorrectly.

first of all, a lot of the times i see people rounding out their back and just lifting up the kettlebell or whatever weight you're using and this is a really good way to pull your back and other times it becomes a squat
and sitting too low with your chest up too high.
another incorrect form that i see is thrusting your hips too far forward and leaning back too much that way you're overextending your back.
you're likely gonna hurt something, especially when you start to go heavier and you're not really using your core at that point.

okay now let's talk about the right way and good form to do your deadlift so you always want to start with your kettlebell lined up in between your ankle bones.

now i'm going to bend my knees ever so slightly i'm going to keep my hips elevated up but also hinged and my back is going to be really flat and
my chin is in a neutral position once i start to grab my kettlebell i want to imagine that i'm breaking the handlebar in half and i'm squeezing my armpits together and almost i'm trying to push through the sky with my shoulder blades
okay now i'm going to keep my core tight and i'm going to start to flex my booty as i'm standing straight up and notice how i'm not leaning back so that i'm not over extending my back now i'm going to reverse the movement bring it back down lightly touch it and repeat for the second rep and notice my feet are hip width apart. they're not too turned out and they're also not too wide because that moves into a different kind of deadlift
my chin is staying in a neutral position every time i bring the weight down to the ground and then when i come back up so if you're doing this move correctly you should be feeling it in your core your glutes your hamstrings and your lower
back ever so slightly and that's the right way to do a deadlift.

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Kettlebell DEADLIFT

hey guys Lucca here today I'd like to show you how to do a deadlift, the deadlift is honestly an essential skill that everybody should know it's basically picking up a weight off the ground using your hips, without compromising the back oftentimes people enter themselves doing the stupidest thing and lifting a weight off the ground can be even a light weight, so we're gonna be using a kettlebell and I'm going to show you the steps to take to get to deadlift.

so the kettlebell deadlift is the first exercise that you're going to learn in the kettlebell world, before you start doing any type of swing or fast ballistic movement, so the deadlift is essentially a slower lift.
it's different than a squat and the squat where the knees and hips flex to similar degree in the deadlift the hips will be doing most of the flexion
so it's called a hinge so we're hinging at the hips how to get to the hinge how to learn it here's how you do it you take the back of one of your hands place it in your low back in the S curve take the other hand the side of it place it in the hip crease right here, so while maintaining the curve in your low back, you pick a spot right in front of you right there while keeping the knees
somewhat soft and with this hand you're gonna push through push back as if you're gonna sit in a chair so I'm pushing this hip back
I'm trying to reach my butt back as if there were there was a wall that I'm trying to touch so a few more times and push my butt back and I stand back up so that's a hinge that's how you get somebody to learn how to hinge applied to the deadlift to the kettlebell the same way same movement so I'm going to turn the bell so you can see my profile this time.

I'm gonna have my hands right in front of me close to my body like this, my setup is I can on top of the belt and the handle forms a straight line between both my ankles looking straight ahead keeping my eyes there. I'm not going to look down on I'm going to look straight, I'm going to push my butt back in from the hips reach down between my legs grab the handle and stand back up smoothly once more on the way down. I push the weight back a little bit between my legs stand back up straight and bring it back down nice and you don't want to be banging the weight down you just want to kiss it down at first when you're first learning how to deadlift, so what's important in the Deluth first is loading up the hamstrings when you're pushing your butt back you want to keep your hips high enough to where it's gonna create a stretch within the hamstring. so think of stretching a bowl stretch it out so if you create tension within the bowl so that when you let go the arrows going to go fine furthermore when you stand up I want you to keep these these three points in mind.
number one contract your abs and your glutes as if there were one most number to force your shoulders down towards your feet and break the handle squeeze, watch your hands.

number two plant your feet down grip your toes corkscrew your hips out like this and pull up the kneecaps and zip up your quad muscles inside your from your point.
so basically number one is the centered contract number two is the upper body the hands the shoulders relaxed.

number three is the legs musculature the feet contract the whole body see what it looks like, stand tall one more time push the way back and it's all again very good super tight super to supercharge your deadlift here's what you're going to do you're going to compress the air using your breath like this force the air down into your take a sharp inhalation on the way up or at the top on the way down and hold your breath and shut the mouth pretty simple to apply it but hard to do.

so the deadlift is an essential skill that you have to practice consistently and get better at before you move on to more complex movements like the swing ok
so practice your deadlifts get strong, pull heavy.

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Top 8 Variations Of The Kettlebell Deadlift

 in this quick video i'm going to show you the most bang for your buck variations of the kettlebell deadlift
variation number one is very easy it is the regular kettlebell deadlift you only have one kettlebell you stand shoulder width apart over the kettlebell you hinge that means you push your hips back and then you start bending your knees it
is a hinge with bent knees, you grab the kettlebell, you pull your shoulder blades down to your hips have engagement and now you come up now. everything is extended knees extended hips extended hips back down you breathe out when you're on top, you breathe out when you're down.

the next variation is a single-handed deadlift and as the name implies we only use one hand so it's the same thing as in the regular deadlift shoulder width apart hips back hinge with bent knees.

i'm grabbing the kettlebell i make sure i don't rotate too much
this is where anti-rotation comes in because i'm working unilaterally pulling them down and now get ready, same thing with the breathing pattern breathe out when you're on top breathe out when you're down

the next variation is the hang deadlift i really like it because it is one of the best exercises that you can use to prep yourself for a swing setup is the same shoulder width apart over the kettlebell. it is right down on the middle of my foot. i'm hinging with bent knees i'm grabbing the bell now i'm pulling it up and now when i go down i do not let the belt touch the ground.
i make sure that it's always in the air this is where the hang description comes
from and as you can see with my breathing pattern i breathe that one on top another version that i really like is the romanian deadlift it is very similar to the hang deadlift, the only difference is that we put the weight down, the same setup shoulder width apart kettlebells over the middle of my foot.
i'm hinging but i'm not bending the knees i try to keep them as extended as possible they are unlocked yes but they're not bent so now i feel a lot of tension here, coming up coming down and as you can see i really try to hinge only and the breathing pattern is the same thing.
next up is the single leg deadlift as the name implies we only work with one leg so what i like to do is i grab the kettlebell
let's say i grab it with my left arm so that means my right leg will be the stabilizing leg and my left leg will work as a lever so
it looks like this, i have the kettlebell right here close to me this is where i'm starting i'm not starting down from the bottom
so once i go down i bring the belt down i have a straight back now i try to keep my leg that's behind me that's use it that i'm using as a lever as extended as possible coming back up the double deadlift and this is where you can get a lot of bang for your buck, because you can use very heavy weights with two kettlebells as you can see when i put both kettlebells down i always like to call it
v to me i got this from dan john, so now it's the same thing i stand above the kettlebell in the middle of my foot hinging back with bent knees
now i'm really screwing my shoulder blades blades towards my hips
you notice from the regular deadlift and now with the breathing pattern if you engage in very heavy weights
i like to use the valsalva maneuver where i breathe in hence and i breathe out once the lift is finished another version that i really like is the suitcase deadlift and it works a little bit similar to the single leg deadlift because you can focus on one leg only i would also say that the suitcase deadlift is a little bit easier to execute than the single leg deadlift ,so if you're looking to isolate your leg and you want to work on your technique, first try the suitcase deadlift as the name implies the kettlebell is next to me like a suitcase so hinging going down and now i can shift my weight on my right leg, and i can leave the left leg pretty loose, a suitcase deadlift also works with both kettlebells and this is a prerequisite when you want to engage in a farmer's walk
so kettlebell's outside of me but still inside the middle of my foot hips back upper body moves forward
i'm grabbing the bell making sure my back is straight and i'm coming up and down, a lot of tension involved using the biomechanics that we've used
in the regular deadlift breathing out, when you're on top breathing out when you drop the weights, so you really want to drill down this exercise, not only to prepare for the swing but also to engage in some heavy lifting that you can also use in your everyday life.

Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift

the hell of an exercise got a suitcase deadly, when you cut it off this, so we set up this think about please be rough with hip-width apart and the parallel going to be in line if you support the notes are the kettlebell out in front as you started here in a row of acquired pride but normal digit position with using at the hips keeping the shares perpendicular to the floor, then we're bending your knees come down better reach the kettlebell and use the free hands, one of the stability but can go out the thighs, but a double receives, when you pick up the kettlebell you're twisting try and find a way where you can keep the shoulders nice and level about thinking the handouts or thoughts going to help you a little bit, so it's dead in that position not deep breath.

okay it's time you got actually seems you the hips first and then bending the knees okay nice explosive on the way up contrasting the gluteus mark embarking about crappy warmup, make sure is keeping that down you're not arching the back and stand up in that death.

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How to: Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

hey guys coach David here at OTO fitness and today we're going to go over the
kettlebell our deal or the Romanian deadlift, this is a movement that pops up a lot here at the gym in both our warm-ups and our strength section.

now just like any other movement we're gonna talk about stance and grip first for the stance it can vary in class depending on what we give you for the program that day today we're just going to talk about a very neutral stance, so my feet are gonna be between shoulder and hip width when I grip this kettlebell. I'll have both hands on the kettlebell now it's important here to make sure that our shoulders stay down and back and then the big ward and this is going to be the hinge hinging at the hip so the movement will look like this I'm pushing my hips back.

I'm keeping my shoulders locked in and I'm standing it back up that's our kettlebell RDL now as we move notice I'm not locking my knees out I have a slight bend in my knees I'm pushing my hips back and I'm not allowing that kettlebell to drift forward by squeezing my lats and keeping my shoulders down
and back, I keep that kettlebell between the feet, I stand it back up no rounding of the back here and ideally keeping that neck nice and neutral during the entire movement so we don't want to round the back as we go down, we don't want to overreach and keep the knees locked out slight Bend hinge at the hips taking it back and stand it back up to the top. it's important that as we stand we think about what's happening here. we're squeezing the glutes tight to the top and we never overextend once we get to the top belly stays tight it helps us keep a neutral spine our deals are very effective guys.
but you have to make sure that you perfect the hip hinge in order to perform it correctly and like I said you'll do it a lot here in class I guarantee it's gonna make your posterior chain glutes hamstrings calves lower back super strong alright guys that's the kettlebell RDL.
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