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The Turkish get-up does exactly that. While most moves have you raise a weight and lower it, the Turkish get-up does this unilaterally and across multiple planes of motion. Learning the Turkish get-up can be a lot to handle, but it’s well worth the effort. The Turkish get-up offers a legion of benefits for a host of training goals.

But when you perform Turkish Get Up, there's some common mistakes you should avoid to get you injured.

Here are 7 Youtube Videos to show you how to fix Turkish Get Up Mistakes

Video #1. Turkish Getup 3 Critical Mistakes By Unconventional Athlete TV

Video #2. How To: Turkish Get-Up (FIX 3 MISTAKES)

Video #3. 5 Mistakes You’re Making with the Turkish Getup (2021) by strongashec

Video #4.  Kettlebell Turkish Getup Common Mistakes by Agatsu

Video #5. How to Turkish Get-Up (Fix 3 simple mistakes) by Coach Gabe West

Video #6. 8 common Turkish Get Up mistakes (and how to fix them) by Aleks Salkin

Video #7. 5 Common Mistakes of The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

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