What are some common mistakes to avoid when performing curtsy lunges?

curtsy lunges curtsy lunges mistakes

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when doing curtsy lunges:

  1. Knee Caving:
  • Allowing the front knee to collapse inward during the lunge descent.
  • This puts unnecessary stress on the knee joint.
  1. Leaning Forward:
  • Leaning the torso too far forward as you lower into the lunge.
  • This can strain the lower back and disrupts proper form.
  1. Arched Back:
  • Letting the lower back arch excessively during the movement.
  • Maintain a neutral spine and engaged core.
  1. Foot Positioning:
  • Not stepping the back foot far enough behind the front foot.
  • The back foot should cross diagonally behind, not straight back.
  1. Uneven Weight Distribution:
  • Shifting too much weight onto the front leg or back leg.
  • Keep your weight evenly balanced between both feet.
  1. Bouncing at the Bottom:
  • Letting your body bounce at the bottom of the lunge.
  • Control the eccentric (lowering) and concentric (standing) phases.
  1. Range of Motion:
  • Not descending low enough or going past your mobility limitations.
  • Only lower as far as you can while maintaining good form.
  1. Rushing the Movement:
  • Trying to move too quickly through the exercise.
  • Slow, controlled reps are key for proper technique.
  1. Head Position:
  • Looking down instead of keeping your gaze forward.
  • This can throw off your balance and spinal alignment.

Paying close attention to these common form breakdowns will help you get the most out of curtsy lunges and minimize injury risk. Start light, prioritize quality over quantity, and gradually increase the challenge as you master the movement.

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