What are the benefits of lunge with a twist?

LUNGE TWIST lunge with a twist lunge with a twist benefits Perform a lunge with a rotational movement

Engaging the legs, glutes, and core, the lunge twist exercise with a medicine ball offers a comprehensive workout.

During the lunge, the quads and hamstrings in the legs are specifically targeted. Furthermore, incorporating a twisting motion, whether with or without additional weight, intensifies the contraction of the glutes while actively involving the core muscles.

Incorporating this workout into your fitness regimen can enhance your balance and proprioception. Additionally, it is an effective method to target the muscles utilized in unilateral exercises like running, cross-country skiing, and cycling.

Enhancing muscle power through the lunge with a twist can facilitate the execution of daily tasks like cleaning the surrounding floor or twisting the torso to access difficult areas while repairing a vehicle. Individuals recovering from hip surgery might find this workout beneficial during their rehabilitation program.

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