what's the benefits of curtsy squats?

curtsy squats curtsy squats benefits

Curtsy squats, also known as curtsy lunges, are a variation of the traditional squat or lunge exercise.

Curtsy squats provide a number of great benefits:

  1. Improved Glute and Hip Activation:
  • The curtsy motion requires greater hip abduction and external rotation, which strongly engages the glutes.
  • This can help improve hip mobility and strengthen the glute medius and minimus muscles.
  1. Enhanced Lateral Stability:
  • Performing the curtsy lunge forces you to control lateral movement and maintain balance.
  • This challenges the stabilizing muscles around the hips and core.
  1. Knee Tracking and Alignment:
  • The curtsy motion encourages proper knee tracking and alignment, which can help prevent knee pain or injury.
  1. Increased Lower Body Strength:
  • Curtsy squats work the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, leading to overall lower body strength gains.
  1. Functional Movement Pattern:
  • The curtsy lunge mimics lateral movement patterns used in many sports and everyday activities.
  • This translates to improved athletic performance and mobility.
  1. Variety and Challenge:
  • Incorporating curtsy squats adds variety to a lower body workout routine.
  • The asymmetrical nature of the movement challenges balance and proprioception.

When performing curtsy squats, focus on keeping your torso upright, engaging the core, and controlling the movement on both the eccentric and concentric phases. Start with bodyweight and progress to holding a dumbbell or kettlebell. Performing 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps per leg can be a great addition to any lower body workout.

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