Are bodyweight squats effective?

bodyweight squats squats

Mike's question:

I've got an ass, but I'm looking to make it rounder, firmer, and a bit bigger. If I start doing bodyweight squats every day, will it help me achieve my goals? I'm already walking daily and eating healthy. Here are my current stats: 


Height: 5'4

Professional trainer John answered:

Yes,  Bodyweight squats is a compound, functional movement you can do anywhere."

Yes, Bodyweight squats can really help you build strong lower body muscles. If you're not already doing them, I suggest giving them a try.

Bodyweight squats might seem like a beginners-only move, but they can benefit exercisers of all fitness levels—as long as they're done with proper form.

Bodyweight squats work multiple major muscle groups and are effective for building strength and muscle in your entire body, particularly in your legs, back, and abs.

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