Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Performing The Seated Triceps Extension As A Beginner

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Here are some common mistakes to avoid when performing the seated triceps extension as a beginner:
  • Arching the Back:
Avoid excessive arching of the lower back, which can put unnecessary strain on the spine. Keep your core engaged and maintain a neutral spinal alignment.
  • Flaring the Elbows:
Make sure to keep your elbows tucked close to the sides of your head throughout the movement. Letting the elbows flare out to the sides reduces triceps involvement.
  • Jerking the Weight:
Resist the temptation to use momentum to lift the weight. Focus on controlling the movement by lifting and lowering the weight in a slow, deliberate manner.
  • Locking Out the Elbows:
Don't fully lock out your elbows at the top of the movement. This can hyperextend the joints and reduce continuous tension on the triceps. Stop just short of full elbow extension.
  • Bouncing at the Bottom:
Avoid letting the weight bounce off your forehead at the bottom of the movement. This can strain the elbows. Pause briefly before pressing the weight back up.
  • Gripping Too Tightly:
Avoid gripping the weight too tightly, as this can lead to unnecessary tension in the forearms and wrists. Maintain a firm but relaxed grip.
  • Holding Your Breath:
Remember to breathe throughout the exercise - exhale as you extend your arms, and inhale as you lower the weight.
  • Range of Motion:
Make sure to lower the weight all the way down behind your head, ensuring a full stretch in the triceps before extending back up.
Start with a lighter weight and focus on perfecting your form before gradually increasing the resistance. Paying attention to these common mistakes will help you perform the seated triceps extension safely and effectively as a beginner.

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