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For beginners starting out with kettlebell swings, I would recommend the following weight guidelines:


  • Beginner: 8-12 kg (18-26 lbs) kettlebell
  • Intermediate: 12-16 kg (26-35 lbs) kettlebell


  • Beginner: 16-24 kg (35-53 lbs) kettlebell
  • Intermediate: 24-32 kg (53-71 lbs) kettlebell

The key factors to consider when choosing a starting kettlebell weight are:

  1. Strength and experience level
  • If you're brand new to kettlebells, start on the lighter end of the spectrum.
  • More experienced lifters may be able to start with a heavier weight.
  1. Technique proficiency
  • Mastering proper form is critical, so begin with a weight you can control.
  • As you improve your technique, you can gradually increase the load.
  1. Body size and strength
  • Generally, bigger and stronger individuals can handle heavier weights.
  • Petite or less experienced exercisers may need to start lighter.
  1. Movement familiarity
  • If you're new to the kettlebell swing, start light until you get the hang of it.
  • Once you've practiced the movement, you can incrementally add weight.

I'd recommend starting with a weight you can swing with good form for 10-15 repetitions. This allows you to build strength and technique before progressing. Remember, proper form is always more important than moving heavy weight.

You can always adjust the weight up or down as needed based on your individual ability and comfort level. The most important thing is to start light and focus on mastering the movement.

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