What are the 3 prerequisites of the Turkish get-up?

Turkish Get-Up Turkish Get-Up Tips

Turkish get-up exercise is a complex and potentially high-risk movement that requires proper form and progression.
The Turkish get-up involves moving from a lying down position to a standing position while holding a weight above your head, and it places significant demands on mobility, stability, and coordination. Performing this exercise incorrectly could lead to injury.

Some general principles to consider when preparing for this exercise include:
  • Establishing a solid foundation of core, shoulder, and hip mobility and stability.
  • Mastering fundamental movement patterns like the hip hinge, plank, and overhead press.
  • Developing proprioception and body awareness to control the weight throughout the movement.
The specific prerequisites may vary based on your individual physical capabilities, training history, and fitness goals. An experienced coach can help you determine the appropriate starting point and incremental steps to work towards safely performing the Turkish get-up.

We would suggest speaking to a qualified fitness professional, physical therapist, or experienced instructor who can assess your current abilities and provide personalized guidance on safely learning and progressing the Turkish get-up.

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