What are the common mistakes to avoid when doing single-arm dumbbell shrugs?

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One-arm dumbbell shrug is a free weights exercise that primarily targets the traps and to a lesser degree also targets the forearms and shoulders. The only one-arm dumbbell shrug equipment that you really need is the following: dumbbells.

But there are some of the common mistakes you should avoid when performing single-arm dumbbell shrugs:

  1. Excessive Momentum and Swinging
    It's tempting to use momentum to heave the weight up, but this reduces trap activation and can lead to injury. Focus on controlled, deliberate shrugging motions.

  2. Arching the Back
    Arching the back excessively to try and lift the weight higher takes the focus off the traps. Keep your core braced and maintain a neutral spine position.

  3. Shrugging Too High
    Trying to shrug the weight all the way up towards your ear can put unnecessary strain on the shoulders. Aim to lift the weight up about 3-4 inches.

  4. Not Squeezing the Traps
    Make sure to really contract and squeeze the trap muscle at the top of the movement. Don't just lift the weight, focus on activating the traps.

  5. Uneven Shoulder Movement
    Letting one shoulder shrug higher than the other can create muscular imbalances. Keep your shoulders even and lift the weight straight up.

  6. Not Controlling the Descent
    Lowering the weight too quickly or letting it drop down can eliminate the tension on the traps. Maintain control through the entire range of motion.

  7. Gripping Too Tightly
    An overly aggressive grip can fatigue the forearms and hands before the traps. Keep a firm but relaxed grip.

  8. Not Bracing the Core
    Failing to brace the core can cause your torso to twist or sway, reducing the effectiveness of the exercise.

The key is to slow things down, focus on the traps, and execute each rep with perfect form. Start light if needed to nail the technique. Mastering the single-arm shrug will help you get the most out of this excellent trap-targeting exercise.

We've compiled numerous videos demonstrating common mistakes to avoid when doing single-arm dumbbell shrugs for you to check out.

Dumbbell Shrugs Mistake ❌

"Avoid These Dumbbell Shrug Mistakes for Maximum Gains! 💪"

Dumbbell shrugs correct form ❗️
❌ Body in a upright position. Less optimal alignment for you upper trap fibers.
✅leaning forward so that the angle of pull targets the traps and the muscles of the upper back.

Dumbbell Shrug Mistake ❌ (Fix This ✅)

 DB Shrugs Form Advice❗️
Couple of tips so you can do shrugs as effective as possible👇🏻
❌ Body in a upright position. Less optimal alignment for you upper trap fibers.
❌ Holding the dumbbells by your side - can be harder on your wrist

✅ Body slightly leaned forward. Aligns better with your upper trap fibres.
✅Slightly angle the dumbbells, this will be easier on your wrist.

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