How Many Kettlebell Swings Should You Do?

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The recommended number of kettlebell swings can vary depending on your fitness level, goals, and the overall structure of your workout program. Here are some general guidelines on how many kettlebell swings to aim for:

For Beginners:

  • Start with 10-15 swings per set
  • Build up to 3-5 sets per workout
  • Focus on proper form and technique first before increasing volume


  • Aiming for 15-25 swings per set is common
  • Perform 4-6 sets per workout
  • More experienced lifters may go up to 30-50 swings per set

Total Workout Volume:

  • For a dedicated kettlebell swing workout, 50-100 total swings is a good target
  • Incorporate kettlebell swings as part of a larger full-body program, aiming for 30-60 total swings

Intensity Considerations:

  • Use a heavier kettlebell (24kg-32kg) for lower reps (10-15)
  • Use a lighter kettlebell (16kg-24kg) for higher reps (20-30)
  • Adjust based on your strength and conditioning levels

Remember, the optimal number of kettlebell swings depends on your individual goals, training experience, and how they fit into your overall workout routine. Start conservatively, focus on form, and gradually increase the volume and intensity over time as your fitness improves.

The key is to listen to your body and avoid overdoing it, as high-rep kettlebell swings can be very taxing. Begin with a manageable number of sets and reps, and assess how your body responds before making adjustments.

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