How to do Barbell Thrusters in 2022?

Barbell Thrusters muscle

Barbell thrusters are a whole-body exercise. The front squat works all the major muscles in your legs and core, while the overhead shoulder press targets your upper body and shoulder. As a result, the muscles worked in this exercise include your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and triceps.

What are barbell thrusters good for? or what's barbell thrusters Benefits?

Thrusters help improve coordination, muscular endurance, and balance. They help you gain both upper and lower body strength by working the quadriceps, glutes, and shoulders. Thrusters can also help you develop a strong core.

How to do barbell thruster?

CrossFit Barbell Thruster - Northstate CrossFit

I'm going to show you how to do it thruster alright.
so Chris is going to demonstrate this movement she's going to first start by cleaning the bar off the floor now that the thruster starts in the rack position
however most of the time when we program these in the workouts we have people start from the floor ok so now that she's cleaned the bar to her shoulders.
she's in the rack position now you can see that her elbows are up she's ready 
to squat ok so basically a thruster.
she's gonna do a full squat as you can see her knees are over her feet her hips
get just below her knees she's gonna come up and press in above her head
alright couple coaching points to go over as she goes down into that squat
her elbows are gonna remain high you don't want a lot of time all right when
those elbows tucked into a front squat bad things happen ok so she's gonna do
one more hanging all the way down come up and press it above her shoulders now.
as she presses it up her shoulders are go pal and elbows are gonna open all the way and when she opens them up all the way on top of her head is gonna come back through her arms.
we call that putting your head back through the window Chris is gonna demonstrate this with her awesome shoulder mobility and her flexibility so
once again full squat all the way up head back through the window and that's
a good thruster alright so once again start to the shoulders front squat come
up and press all.

How To Do Barbell Thrusters | Exercise Guide

1. Set the bar in a rack slightly below shoulder level so that when under it, your knees are slightly bent. Rest the bar on top of the front deltoids, pushing into the clavicles, and lightly touching the throat. Your hands should be in a clean grip, touching the bar only with your fingers to help keep it in position.

2. To unrack the bar, push upward into it and push your hips forward. Step away from the rack and position your legs using a shoulder-width medium stance with the toes slightly pointed out. Keep your head and elbows up at all times. Your triceps should remain parallel with the ground. Keep a neutral neck and flat back. This will be your starting position.

3. Descend into a squat by pushing your hips and butt back. Continue down until the upper legs are at or just below parallel to the floor. Inhale as you perform this portion of the movement.

4. As you prepare to ascend, push through your heels and begin to wrap your fingers tightly around the bar for a firm grip. As you near the top of your squat, begin pressing the bar up towards the ceiling, allowing your neck to hyperextend so that the bar has room to move.

5. A final position will be one in which your arms are fully extended overhead and your legs straight. Maintain tightness from head to toe.

6. Lower the bar slowly, allowing your knees to bend to lessen the blow. Immediately transition back into the squatting movement to continue into the next repetition. Repeat for recommended number of repetitions.

CrossFit Thruster Technique

we're going to talk about the thruster and dive a little bit deeper than we did on our last video and get into some of the nuances so one of the first things is stance on a thruster. we're in the middle of a workout we have a whole bunch of
thrusters to do.

it's gonna be important to athlete to have a more upright torso as he or she squats into that thruster so it might help to have a slightly wider than normal stance before that thruster.

so maybe your one max front squat is one stance clay your thruster if you're doing 50 of them might be a little bit wider the other thing is that grip in that rack position. so Emily's gonna go to power clean this up get into a good rack position for us turn so a good rack position red thruster she's gripping the bar the bar is on her shoulders.

and from there she be able to drive up into that bar so choice of press position with those elbows too low, so elbow is too low and she's just pulled it in our hands we don't want to be there for thruster who chose a frontal position.

we also don't want to be here the arms are gonna be able to drive into that bar
seamlessly to reclaim a good rack position.

okay good so she's gonna show us three thrusters here go ahead and lift driving off those shoulders into the hands.

good you go ahead and set it down and rest next so what's important in the thruster is that we're handing that barbell off from the hips to the hands. and it should be seamless what you shouldn't see in a thruster, these will really come and fall is halfway of the squat athletes are already pressing it off of their shoulders the problem with that is I'm not utilizing the legs I'm not utilizing the hips I'm relying on my shoulders, lying on my triceps and probably if I'm in the middle of a metcon.

I'm probably going to need to be using those shoulders and triceps on pull-ups or on dips or on Murphy's or whatever it might be. so we always want to make sure we're using the hips using the legs and handing that form along seamlessly the next thing. we're gonna do is we're going to talk about handing that barbell back to the rack position back to the shoulders for that next squat.

so another common fall is beginning to squat before the bar is back to the shoulders instead we want to bridge the shoulders and then squat in one motion so back to the shoulders. and then into our squat so Emily chose three good crushers where we're really using our hips to drive it up and that bars coming back.

that's great yeah excellent going right perfect.
so next let's talk about breathing or the middle of metcon it's not gonna be good for us to hold our breath or we're doing presses key to make sure we're
breathing like rushers can be a very cyclical movement. and it's really easy to find places to breathe on this I prefer to breathe and once you keep tension to exhale a points of peak tension the two points of peak tension here. at the bottom of the squat and the lockout position so Emily's going to do three reps where she does two breaths per cycle.
she exhales at the bottom she exhales at the top we'll have her exhale nice and
loud so maybe the camera can hear her I was doing three rationally all right go ahead run excellent.
so do that right from your first rep on a thruster if you have 21 thrusters doing Fran don't go into it try and do one breath per cycle you know you're gonna run out of oxygen at some point.

go ahead and get that breathing rate up high right from the get-go deep into a
workout when you're really tired if you need more than two breaths four cycles
do that okay. it's very easy to find another place in there to get a third breath finally let's talk about pacing most you know.

we have the open coming up and most open workouts and the thrusters a lightweight with a lightweight. Russert plan to do a bunch of them if we think
back to a couple years ago the open workout where there are thrusters and
burpees over the bar for 95% of us.

that's gonna be a long workout that's an aerobic workout don't rush through your thrusters so let's talk about 18 those reps and that cycle time on this one.
Emily's gonna take just a half second at the top kind of just three the skeletal
 structure is supporting most of the weight there because she has a really
good overhead position.

let's take a look with that what that looks like let's do free resin good takes that little half count at the top this folks are slow it down and patient thank you now for an athlete who has a really compromised will say overhead position you know.

maybe they're over it this looks like this maybe we don't hang out at the top maybe that's more work than it's worth but an athlete does a really good overhead position grab your half second up there

rich Fronting is a great example of someone who his cycle time is usually spot-on. he might be a little bit slow moving into the workout other athletes get out for one of them but then halfway through he's one that's still moving.

so we've talked about setup talked about using our hips and using our legs breathing pacing take those tools implement them in your training use them in your thrusters and then use them in the open.

Crossfit: Thruster Technique

Thrusters: The Ultimate Guide

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